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CNN Interview
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Sculptorvox Interview
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Introduction Stefan’s earlier work is seriously hard hitting and you’ll have to visit his website to find more evidence of that. It more than hints at some serious issues that when taken with his latest pieces, as a whole body … Read More

‘Kant en Klaar’
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‘Kant en Klaar’ Revised video stills from the video is a recording of a self-portrait done by Stefan Blom, commissioned by SABC TV for the magazine program ‘Pasella’ VIDEO   LARGER IMAGE   Save Save Save

the grey, grey horse
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the grey, grey horse For three months now my brother, Daniel Blom MRBS ( Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors) and I Stefan Blom, have been working on our first collaborative work called ‘the grey, grey horse’, a … Read More

STOP THE STIGMA… PTSD awareness month – October 2015
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For those that had members of their family in Angola or SWA that saw action ………………..did u ever think why ur Dad, Brother, Husband or Family Member has had mood swings or sometimes violent ways or just sometimes really depressed … Read More

Latest Exhibition
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For previous shows please select SELECTED WORKS in the menu. Solo exhibition at the gallery Commune.1, Cape Town, 2015 ‘DShK’ Cape Times review SCULPTORVOX Interview Artist Statement DShK is the acronym for “Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny” the name of a Russian made … Read More

Stefan Blom | ‘aust’
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An aust, meticulously polished and reduced to Modernist, Modigliani-style oval features fused with a geometric hind structure, appears subdued in muted colours. While emphasising both the outward and inward surfaces, it becomes the study of a mask, the only identifiable … Read More

The following is a critical response to the work of Stefan Blom
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By artist Stanley Hermans Stefan Blom oeuvre is not very easy to imbibe, let alone review. It is neither reassuring nor particularly comforting. There is no solace here. There is not a whole lot of prettiness, although there is considerable … Read More